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NSAGCHQスマホアプリから個人情報を入手可能---海外メディアが報道 (ITPro, 2014/01/28)

◆Angry Birdsもターゲット──米英機関、モバイルアプリから日常的に情報収集か (ロイター, 2014/01/28)

◆Angry Birds and 'leaky' phone apps targeted by NSA and GCHQ for user data (thegurdian, 2014/01/28 07:51 GMT)

  • US and UK spy agencies piggyback on commercial data
  • Details can include age, location and sexual orientation
  • Documents also reveal targeted tools against individual phones

◆Spy Agencies Tap Data Streaming From Phone Apps (The New York Times, 2014/01/27) spy-agencies-scour-phone-apps-for-personal-data.html?hpw&rref=us&_r=0

NSA, British Spy Agency Collect Angry Birds Data (informationWeek, 2014)
National Security Agency and Britain's Government Communications Headquarters have collected data from smartphone apps for years, says new report on documents leaked by Edward Snowden. nsa-british-spy-agency-collect-angry-birds-data/d/d-id/1113594

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