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The Week in Ransomware - July 23rd 2021 - Kaseya decrypted


◆The Week in Ransomware - July 23rd 2021 - Kaseya decrypted (BleepingComputer, 2021/07/23 14:33)



◆Ecuador's state-run CNT telco hit by RansomEXX ransomware (BleepingComputer, 2021/07/17 09:53)

◆HelloKitty ransomware is targeting vulnerable SonicWall devices (BleepingComputer, 2021/07/17 11:44)


◆Comparis customers targeted by scammers after ransomware attack (BleepingComputer, 2021/07/18 10:16)

◆Ransomware hits law firm counseling Fortune 500, Global 500 companies (BleepingComputer, 2021/07/18 11:22)
[ランサムウェアがFortune 500、Global 500企業のカウンセリングを行う法律事務所を襲う]


◆US and allies officially accuse China of Microsoft Exchange attacks (BleepingComputer, 2021/07/19 07:49)
[米国と同盟国がMicrosoft Exchangeへの攻撃で中国を公式に非難]

◆Ransomware incident at major cloud provider disrupts real estate, title industry (The Record, 2021/07/19)

A ransomware incident at Cloudstar, a cloud hosting service and managed service provider for several industry sectors, has disrupted the activities of hundreds of companies.


◆New Stop Ransomware variant (PCrisk(Twitter), 2021/07/21)

Ransomware: Stop
拡張子: .moqs

◆New ransomware discovered (QVM360(Twitter), 2021/07/20)

拡張子: .zip

◆Ransomware attack on Israeli IT company impacts more than 100 customers, including hospitals (, 2021/07/20)

◆New Scarab Ransomware variant (dnwls0719(Twitter), 2021/07/20)

Ransomware: Scarab
拡張子: .Imshifau


◆New Dharma Ransomware variants (PCrisk, 2021/07/21)

Ransomware: Dharma
拡張子: .myday / .grej


◆Ransomware gang breached CNA’s network via fake browser update (BleepingComputer, 2021/07/22 11:25)

◆Kaseya obtains universal decryptor for REvil ransomware victims (BleepingComputer, 2021/07/22 13:46)

  • REvil の活動が停止した原因は不明
  • REvil の失踪に関与した法執行機関はなかった
  • ロシア政府は、ランサムウェアギャング「REvil」に対し以下の指示をした可能性がある
    • 米国に協力していることを示すために、シャットダウンして姿を消せ
    • ロシアがREvilから解読ツールを受け取り米国の法執行機関に提供する


◆New Dharma Ransomware variants (Jakub Kroustek(Twitter), 2021/07/23)

Ransomware: Dharma
拡張子: .mnc / .ZEUS