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TodayZoo (まとめ)


◆This monster of a phishing campaign is after your passwords (ZDNet, 2021/10/22)

TodayZoo phishing campaign sends links to spoofed Microsoft 365 login pages.
[TodayZooフィッシングキャンペーンは、偽装されたMicrosoft 365のログインページへのリンクを送信します]

◆Microsoft Warns of TodayZoo Phishing Kit Used in Extensive Credential Stealing Attacks (The Hacker News, 2021/10/23)

◆'TodayZoo' Phishing Kit Cobbled Together From Other Malware (DARKReading, 2021/10/23)


◆Franken-phish: TodayZoo built from other phishing kits (Microsoft, 2021/10/21)


 ◆攻撃手法 (まとめ)

◆フィッシング (まとめ)