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Ransomware: Shade

The Week in Ransomware - May 8th 2020 - Attacks Continue

【概要】■関連Ransomware ランサムウェア名 備考 Dharma LockBit Maze Nemty Ryuk Shade Snake Sodinokibi 別名: Sodin / REvil SQPC Troldesh VCrypt ■2020/05/02 ◆Sodinokibi, Ryuk ransomware drive up average ransom to $111,000 (Bleeping Computer) […


【図表】 出典: 【ニュース】 ◆ロシアでランサムウェアを拡散するスパムが増加傾向に (ESET, 2019/06/04 14:00) 【関連情報】 ◆Russia hit by new wave of …

Russia hit by new wave of ransomware spam

【ブログ】 ◆Russia hit by new wave of ransomware spam (WeliveSecurity, 2019/01/28 14:57) Among the increased number of malicious JavaScript email attachments observed in January 2019, ESET researchers have spotted a large wave of ransomwar…

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