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Bisonal (まとめ)


◆Bisonal (ATT&CK)


◆ロシアおよび韓国に対する攻撃で使用されたBisonalマルウェア (Paloalto, 2018/07/31 05:00)

◆Chinese hackers use decade-old Bisonal Trojan in cyberespionage campaigns (ZDnet, 2020/03/05)

The RAT’s core functions remain the same but it is unusual that the malware has been rehashed over so many years.


◆Bisonal Malware Used in Attacks Against Russia and South Korea (Paloalto, 2018/07/31 05:00)

◆Bisonal: 10 years of play (Talos(CISCO), 2020/03/05)


◆Bisonal (IoC (TT Malware Log))


 ◆マルウェア / Malware (まとめ)

◆標的型攻撃マルウェア (まとめ)

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