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Clop (まとめ)








◆Ransomware Gangs to Stop Attacking Health Orgs During Pandemic (BleepingComputer, 2020/03/18 18:36)

◆Here's a list of all the ransomware gangs who will steal and leak your data if you don't pay (ZDNet, 2020/04/21 15:14)

Ransomware gangs are getting more aggressive these days about pursuing payments and have begun stealing and threatening to leak sensitive documents if victims don't pay the requested ransom demand.

◆二重脅迫ランサムウェア攻撃の増加について (NEC, 2020/07/31)



◆Qualys にランサムウェア攻撃 (ScanNetSecurity, 2021/03/15)

◆Energy giant Shell discloses data breach after Accellion hack (BleepingComputer, 2021/03/22 10:58)
[エネルギー大手のShell、Accellionのハッキングによるデータ流出を公表 ]

◆Ransomware gang urges victims’ customers to fight for their privacy (BleepingComputer, 2021/03/26 15:42)


◆Qualys says Accellion hackers did not breach production systems (BleepingComputer, 2021/04/02 12:28)

◆Ransomware gang leaks data from Stanford, Maryland universities  (BleepingComputer, 2021/04/03 09:31)

◆Accellion data breaches drive up average ransom price (BleepingComputer, 2021/04/26 15:26)


◆Ukraine arrests Clop ransomware gang members, seizes servers (BleepingComputer, 2021/06/16 08:59)
[ウクライナ、ランサムウェア「Clop」のメンバーを逮捕、サーバーを押収 ]

◆Police Bust Major Ransomware Gang Cl0p (MotherBoard, 2021/06/16 22:18)

◆Clop ransomware is back in business after recent arrests (BleepingComputer, 2021/06/23 03:35)


◆Operation Cyclone deals blow to Clop ransomware operation (BleepingComputer, 2021/11/07)

◆Clop gang exploiting SolarWinds Serv-U flaw in ransomware attacks (BleepingComputer, 2021/11/09 09:54)
[SolarWinds Serv-Uの欠陥をランサムウェア攻撃に利用するClopギャング]



◆Clop ransomware gang is back, hits 21 victims in a single month (BleepingComputer, 2022/05/28 11:10)


◆Microsoft links Raspberry Robin worm to Clop ransomware attacks (BleepingComputer, 2022/10/27 15:34)
[マイクロソフト、Raspberry RobinワームとClopランサムウェア攻撃を関連付け]


◆Clop ransomware uses TrueBot malware for access to networks (BleepingComputer, 2022/12/11 11:22)

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