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NanHaiShu (まとめ)


◆Chinese APT Deploys NanHaiShu RAT Against International Adversaries (Softpedia, 2016/08/04 19:05)

A threat group activating from China has been deploying the NanHaiShu RAT (Remote Access Trojan) against the country's opposition in the now-concluded South China Sea dispute, on which a UN arbitration court sided with the Philippines.
(中国の攻撃組織が、南シナ海で現在続いている紛争に対してNanHaiShu RAT(リモートアクセストロイの木馬)

◆Chinese Hackers Blamed for South China Sea Campaign (Info Security, 2016/08/04)

◆How hackers used this Trojan malware to spy on a territorial dispute (ZDNet, 2016/08/04 12:00)

F-Secure researchers say parties involved in the South China Sea arbitration case were infected with the data-stealing NanHaiShu Trojan.


◆NanHaiShu: RATing the South China Sea (F-Secure, 2016/08/04)


◆NANHAISHU RATing the South China Sea (F-Secure, 2016/07)




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