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TA505 (まとめ)



名称 名称使用組織
TA505 (一般)
Hive0065 IBM *1

◆TA505 (ATT&CK)


マルウェア名 備考
SDBbot RAT *2


◆Russian cybercrime gang targets finance firms with stealthy macros (BleepingComputer, 2021/10/15 09:58)




◆TA505 Crime Gang Debuts Brand-New ServHelper Backdoor (ThreatPost, 2019/01/11)

The latest malware from TA505 has been seen targeting banks, retailers and restaurants with two different versions

◆TA505 hackers thwarted at the door of a big financial org (CyberScoop, 2019/04/24)

◆TA505 Spear Phishing Campaign Uses LOLBins to Avoid Detection (BleepingComputer, 2019/04/25 01:56)

◆MS、「Excel」添付ファイル経由で拡散するマルウェアについて注意喚起 (ZDNet, 2019/06/25 11:17)

◆サイバー犯罪グループ「TA505」が攻撃の手法を変更--金融機関を標的に (ZDNet, 2019/07/08 06:30)


◆Russian-Speaking Hackers Attack Pharma, Manufacturing Companies in Europe (Bleeping Computer, 2020/03/27 05:42)

◆TA505 hacking gang uses SDBbot RAT to attack European companies (SCMedia, 2020/04/15)


◆Russian cybercrime gang targets finance firms with stealthy macros (BleepingComputer, 2021/10/15 09:58)



◆ServHelper and FlawedGrace - New malware introduced by TA505 (Proofpoint, 2019/01/09)

◆TA505 Group Hides Malware in Legitimate Certificates (BankInfoSecurity, 2019/04/25)

◆Analyzing Amadey (nao_sec, 2019/04/27)

◆TA505が新しいマルウェアダウンローダー「AndroMut」を使った夏のキャンペーンを開始 アラブ首長国連邦、韓国、シンガポールおよび米国が標的 (Proofpoint, 2019/07/02)

◆日本も狙うサイバー犯罪集団「TA505」の新たな攻撃手法を解説 (Trendmicro, 2019/07/03)

◆サイバー犯罪集団「TA505」によるスパムメール送信活動で新しいマルウェア「Gelup」と「FlowerPippi」を確認 (Trendmicro, 2019/07/08)

◆TA505 At It Again: Variety is the Spice of ServHelper and FlawedAmmyy (Trendmicro, 2019/08/27 12:01)

◆日本も攻撃対象とするサイバー犯罪集団「TA505」の最新攻撃手法を詳細解説 (Trendmicro, 2019/10/17)


◆Group-IB: new financially motivated attacks in Western Europe traced to Russian-speaking threat actors (Group-IB, 2020/03/27)

◆TA505 Continues to Infect Networks With SDBbot RAT (SecurityIntelligence, 2020/04/14)


◆Inside of CL0P’s ransomware operation (Telekom, 2021/01/14)

TA505 (also known as FIN11) is a financially motivated cybercrime actor. They conduct Big Game Hunting operations, such as deployment of ransomware and extortion of large ransom payment. In the past, I explained how they operate and I scrutinized their tools. If you are not familiar with TA505 and CL0P then I recommend you to read our threat actor profile of TA505 first.


◆Silence (IoC (TT Malware Log))



 ◆攻撃組織 / Actor (まとめ)

◆サイバー犯罪組織 (まとめ)

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