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Winnti Umbrella (まとめ)



◆Winnti Umbrella (Cyber Operation Tracker)

◆Winnti Umbrella (Malpedia)


■Winnti Unbrellaの構成組織

  • Winnti
  • PassCV
  • APT17
  • Axiom
  • LEAD
  • Wicked Panda
  • GREF



◆Hackers in China are part of massive government group, report says (CNet, 2018/05/07)

◆Chinese government reportedly linked to decade-long series of hacks (TechSpot, 2018/05/07)

◆Winnti Umbrella Chinese threat group. (CyberWire, 2018/06/09)


◆Report: Chinese Actors Steal Code-Signing Certificates (BankInfo Security, 2018/05/07)

◆Rainy Days for the Chinese Winnti Umbrella Group (, 2018/07/23)


◆Burning Umbrella: An Intelligence Report on the Winnti Umbrella and Associated State-Sponsored Attackers (401 TRG, 2018/05/03)


 ◆攻撃組織 / Actor (まとめ)

◆標的型攻撃組織 / APT (まとめ)

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