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Sodin (まとめ)


◆Sodin ransomware exploits Windows vulnerability and processor architecture (Kaspersky, 2019/07/03)

◆ランサムウェア「Sodin」が日独韓台に感染集中--カスペルスキー (ZDNet, 2019/07/04 13:23)

◆カスペルスキー、Windowsの既知の脆弱性を悪用するランサムウェア「Sodin」を発見 (Security Insight, 2019/07/17 10:30)

◆Ransomware hits hundreds of dentist offices in the US (ZDNet, 2019/08/29 16:20)

Ransomware group gains access to dental software backend, deploys ransomware on customers' systems.


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